Paw Mud Buster | Keep Your Floors Clean with Duggido

Paw Mud Buster | Keep Your Floors Clean with Duggido

Don't let muddy paws from your pets ruin your carpets or floors. With the Paw Mud Buster, you can easily clean off dirt and mud from your pet's paws without a hassle. This tool will make it easy to keep your home free of paw-prints, mud and pet hair.

Put the Mud Buster over a paw while holding your pet still.
To use the Paw Mud Buster, first place your pet on a comfortable surface. Then carefully fit the Mud Buster over one of its paws, making sure to keep the paw flat inside the tool. Hold your pet's paw still while firmly pressing down on the mud buster to help remove any dirt or mud from their paw. Once done, repeat this step with all four paws until they are clean and dry.
The Paw Mud Buster is an easy and effective way to keep your pet's paws clean when returning from a walk. The device is designed with soft bristles that help remove any dirt or mud particles while being gentle on paw pads. Plus, it comes in two adjustable sizes that lets you use the same tool on multiple pets. Simply hold the tool against the paw while firmly pressing down and rotating it in a circular motion, and then wipe away any excess residue with a cloth. With regular use, you can ensure your pet's paws stay clean and healthy all season long!

The Paw Mud Buster has a durable, non-slip design that makes it easy for pet owners to clean their furry friends’ paws. The bristles are soft and gentle enough for pet owners to use on sensitive paw pads. Additionally, the two adjustable sizes make it easy to clean multiple pets of various sizes. With a few rotations of the chamber and a quick wipe away with a cloth or towel, you can get your pup or cat looking almost as good as new after any muddy walk!
The Paw Mud Buster can help keep your pet’s paws clean without having to submerge them in a bowl of water. All you have to do is insert the paw gently into the Mud Buster, making sure that all dirt and mud are scrubbed away with each rotation. When finished, remove your pet's paw and wipe away any excess moisture or debris with a cloth or towel. The suction cups at the bottom of the Mud Buster also ensure it stays in place while your pet’s paw is being cleaned, making it easier and safer to use on wiggly pups!

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